Topical lessons by Zoom

Group lessons on a specific topic will be held every month and will be announced in the News section. They will cover everything from the Beginner on Practice Chanter to Advanced student topics and Bagpipe Maintenance and Tuning.
The cost will be £15:00 / person
The next topical lesson will be held in October 2024 @ 19.00 hrs GMT. The topic will be :-


Price available upon application - Please contact us for more information Contact Us >

These lessons are only available between September and March
Ideally these should be pipers of the same or similar ability, to maximise teaching time. All options are available regarding the number of days tuition, though beginners would need shorter workshops in order to practice the basic finger placing and movements on the Chanter.

Necessary Equipment

  • Chanter
  • Bagpipes if at that level.
  • Motivation