The greatest musical man ever I've had the pleasure of meeting on pipes,
This man doesn't just make music, he told a story.
This is more than music.
He made me appreciate the pipes musicality again.

Gert-Jan van Achterbergh

I've just finished my latest lesson with Stuart. It's hard to find the right words to express how motivated I feel, not just after a lesson, but every day in between lessons too as he sits invisibly on my shoulder offering words of encouragement.

It took me a while to pluck up courage to approach the Pipe Major of the G1 World Champion band and holder of the Glenfiddich Trophy, but Stuart has an instantly calming manner - I wish I had made the approach a long time ago. His ability to guide me through any movement of any tune, to demonstrate not only the correct way, but also all the wrong ways of performing it, while finding the good bits and offering encouragement along with endless good humour have led me to believe that if I work hard enough, he can take my piping places I had always thought out of reach.

Steve Law

It was my pleasure to see Stuart at a recital organised by Ipswich Piping Society in 2017.

Stuart played the complete range of pipe music. From Piobaireachd to contemporary light music and everything in between. A true entertainer who engaged with his audience and freely talked about the music. He even invited requests; very brave with a room full of pipers! The standard of piping was outstanding, played on a beautifully tuned and balanced instrument.

Should an opportunity to see him come your way grab it. A very, very, fine musician but also a really nice guy.

Ian Soulsby, Pipe Sergeant. City of Norwich Pipe Band

I had the honour to meet Stuart Liddell during a class weekend in December, organised by my first pipe band of which I had just joined. I wanted to learn the bagpipes when I was 54, I was obsessed with the sound of this instrument. I had only just started and a meeting with a World Champion and experienced Pipe Major, I could not pass up and could also have a chat with him personally. When I asked him if I was not too old to learn to play bagpipes, I got an honest, warm answer. "Something you want to achieve is always possible if it comes from the heart and the passion is there. I have a student of 73. When you are going to practice, I give the following advice; better to practice every day for 10-15 minutes, than just once a week for 60minutes."

I have to say these words have stayed with me to this day, we are now 7 years after our meeting and I still apply this rule and am even more passionate than I was then.

Thank you, Stuart, for your tips and enthusiasm.

Rudi Driesen, Clan Hay Pipe Band. Belgium

I am a late to the game piper. After stumbling my way through a starter book, solidly ignoring the "get an instructor" advice, I had planned to set the polypenco pipes ablaze when I reached out to Stuart. He had me return the lighter fluid to the garage, and started me off on the road, one slow step at a time. With more patience than the Pope, Stuart has kindly turned me into a not bad for your age piper. I only wish I had reached out to him before. His breadth of knowledge of a bag designed to leak air in at least 4 places is filled with tips and tricks that can overcome any obstacle I place before him. I am forever indebted to Stuart.

Greg S. Nelson, Yakima