Topical lessons by Zoom

Group lessons on a specific topic will be held every month and will be announced in the News section. They will cover everything from the Beginner on Practice Chanter to Advanced student topics and Bagpipe Maintenance and Tuning.
The cost will be £15:00 / person
The next topical lesson will be held on Sunday, September 26th at 20:00 UTC+1. The topic to be discussed will be :- An Introduction to Piobaireachd. How to approach Classical Bagpipe music, the key to embellishments and their execution.



Please message at least three options, separated by a comma, for lessons and we will check availability and inform by return.

September's topical lesson will be; An Introduction to Piobaireachd. Join us to discover the classical bagpipe music and how to approach it. September 26th, 20.00hrs GMT