Lorient 2023 - MacCrimmon Trophy
Lorient 2023 - MacCrimmon Trophy

New Record for the 41st MacCrimmon Trophy, Aug. 6

12 competed.

The winner for the second time was Stuart Liddell MBE who placed first in every category, the first time this has ever been achieved in the history of the competition.

1 Stuart Liddell: 6pts (Breton music 1,1,/ Irish music 1,1/ Scottish music 1,1)
2 Andrew Carlisle: 30pts (8,8/2,2/5,5)
3 Robert Watt (N Ireland): 32pts (11,11/3,3/2,2)
4 Nick Hudson (USA): 32pts (2,2/5,5/9,9)
5 Sylvain Hamon (Brittany): 32pts (7,7/6,6/3,3)
6 Gwenael Le Corronc (Brittany): 38pts (9,9/4,4/6,6)

Judges: C Le Bozec, P Molard (Brittany); M Murphy, F Byrne (ireland); I Duncan, T Johnstone (Scotland)